Anti-Vaxxer claims norton anti-virus made laptop autistic

A lawsuit was filed today by one Mary-Ellen Whiter against long time anti-virus software company Norton.  The suit claims that after installing the anti-virus suite on her computer, her computer stopped showing her affection and would not respond to voice commands at all.  After contacting Norton for assistance, she was instructed to allow her text to speech program access because it was blocked.  Mary-Ellen refused and filed suit after.  A spokesman from Norton responded to The Satira with the following response, "Yeah we told her to just allow the executable, and she started shrieking like a banshee on that phone, she accused one of our IT guys of being part of something called big vaccine?  that is not a thing is it?  and said she wouldn't participate in a government cover up.  She really said that.  Anyway just allowing the program probably wouldn't fix it now because before she lost it, she confided over the recorded phone call that she had been spooning essential oils into the microphone opening, honestly I am surprised the laptop even turns on at this point."


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