Baby boomer passes economics, issues blanket apology to millenials

Todays graduation at Keiser university was bitter sweet for baby boomer Milton Fullburrow.  He finished his required economics course with a final grade of B+.  When asked about what he would do next he responded, "Now that I know how the economy works in this day and age, I feel like I owe a lot of apologies.  This is bullshit, these kids are basically slaves and have no hope for a future.  Oh god,  I called a few snow flakes.  How are you all not dead?  I paid my house off in 85, I havent had real bills since I retired.  Seriously, how do you all get food?  do you plant fruit trees?"
The statement was followed by the complete deletion of all his social media accounts, although sources say they were remade the next day and no further acknowledgement of the comments and posts have been given since.  Mrs. Fullburrow was contacted for comment, "Well he basically sees them all as legitimate homeless people now, just in progress, so they have become just as invisible as real homeless people now."


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