Pluto releases diss track against Neil Degrasse Tyson

In retaliation from NDT repeatedly supporting the declassification of pluto as a planet based on its size, Pluto has begun to retaliate.  After being declassified the former ninth planet went to the only place that will take someone with nowhere to go...Soundcloud.  Re-emerging with the moniker Lil Pluto, the celestial body released a track full of disses aimed squarely at Tyson.  The support for the track entitled "I was big enough for your momma"  is no surprise to pluto, as it was quoted saying, "People like neil, hes ok, trying to save earth and what not, but people LOVE pluto.  my very excellent mother just served us nine PIZZAS.  I am the pizzas, don't forget it."
He attempted a mic drop, but there is no gravity in space, so the mic just orbited the planet idly.


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