President Trump and Kim Jong-Un penis measuring contest halted over critical metric or imperial issue

The long anticipated ending to the fued seems to have stalled again when leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un insisted that they measure their genitals in centimeters.  Trump insisted on using the measuring tape he had brought with him that only had imperial units.  The debate was concluded suddenly when Trump left the room after a ruler containing both units of measure was produced.  An intern for the white house was spotted by our intrepid investigation team of reporters hurriedly diving after a measuring tape with an American flag logo on the cover.  After being stiff armed by junior reporter Trisha Stevens of The Satira, the tape was recovered and brought back to our home office.  Testing revealed that the aforementioned measuring tape did indeed report 5 inches as being a foot in length, while having a second spool that reported 5 inches as being 3 inches in length.
Northern Korean reporter Park Min-jun contacted us about this article and was quoted as saying, "Hey we found a tape and something was funny abou-" before the call shut off and all traces of his existence vanished.
The contest at current has been post poned indefinitely.


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