Scientist loses naming rights after naming microscopic organism “Toms penis”

A scientist at the Atlanta Institute of Medical Research named Dr. Sarah Williamson has recently been placed under review and had her naming rights for discoveries suspended.  The suspension was brought about after Dr. Williamson discovered a new species of microscopic plankton from the middle depths of the ocean, a rarely studied part of the ocean.  The new plankton was dubbed "Toms penis" after her newly ex boyfriend the astronomer Dr. Tom Finklestein.  Dr. Williamson reported chose the name in retaliation to Dr. Finklestein recently discovering a black hole out side of the syrius system and naming it "Sarahs vagina."  Surprisingly the Atlanta Astronomic Research Foundation found no issue with the name and the director was quoted as saying, "Bros before hoes man, I hope we find a ice planet so he can name it Sarahs personality."


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