They are ruining another 80's thing you love with a remake

That 80's thing you love is getting remade, Hollywood decided to ignore new scripts again and decided the next generation of kids should be able to watch the beloved thing, but had a few changes it needed to make to it first.  The director thinks he is better than the source material and the cast and crew has literally never seen it, but they don't care as long as you go see it on opening day.  You have two options, you can either bitch about it on the internet, or bitch about the bitching on the internet, but ultimately it isn't going to make a difference.  Have fun watching a horrible version of a thing you love.  The company behind it said this, "I was busy lighting my cigars with original works when I tripped over a VHS tape in my garage.  I figured if I changed everything about this and kept the original name it would be cheaper than a new movie, and these nostalgic suckers are going to see it no matter how I decide to wreck their childhood.  Its the perfect plan.", He then proceeded to laugh like a villain at an intern for The Satira for an impressive 8 minutes before continuing, "The best part is, all I have to do is change the sex or race of one character, and anyone who says anything bad about it will immediately be labeled intolerant, no matter how crappy it is!"


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