White supremacists get silver, have to become white enthusiasts

In a startling upset during the global whiteness competition, the different branches of the white supremacist movement were soundly defeated by a lone African American man by the name of Terry Hamilton.  While the shaved head and Nazi salutes mixed with tiki torches did in fact convey massive amounts of whiteness, the growing opposition to skin heads by the white community cost more points than anticipated during judging, it was found that overt outright racism is a minority for white people and therefore not the most white thing to express.
Terry Hamilton took the floor and ate an ice cube covered in mayonnaise while wearing crocs with socks and checking his credit score.  It appeared to be anyones game until Terry began demanding to see the manager because the ice cube was too spicy, and when one was provided, he attempted to pay with an expired coupon, and asked for a side of avacado.
The Satira asked the silver medalists for comment but content policy requires censorship.
Terry Hamilton was contacted for statement and is quoted as saying, "Awww, lemme hear you cry nazis." in between bouts of laughter.
In the upset decision, Supreme pulled its sponsorship in favor of Mr. Hamilton, and in a victory in court forced the name change of the group. The ruling states that white supremacist may no longer legally claim supremacy of whiteness and must separate the two words with no less than 10 other words.  The new term was dubbed as white enthusiasts to better represent reality.


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