Katie Hill camp leaks Redstate nudes, revenge porn shows gay nazi orgy

After Katie Hill was forced to resign amidst the revenge porn attack posted by "News" organization RedState, Katie Hill was contacted by the jilted ex lover of RedState and provided with illicit pictures of what is clearly RedState putting on a gimp mask, before engaging in a gay sex orgy and revealing multiple Nazi tattoos to suddenly reluctant gay guys. 

Katie Hill was outspoken about how posting them would be unethical and only a truly evil scumbag would use revenge porn, but several interns rationalized that skin heads are people like dr. pepper is a doctor.

The more identifying pictures are available to investigators, and the innocent gay men were blurred to hide their identities out of respect, because no one should be associated with RedState. 

Nazi organizations have been quick to put distance between themselves and RedState as well, telling The Satira, "Yeah, we know them, they show up at all the meetings in the back, but they hate EVERYTHING, like you try to reasonably talk about how minorities are evil and they just get an anger boner and start yelling angry two word sentences and head butting walls.  We have been trying to figure out how to tell them to be less ignorant angry little shits, but they don't listen well.  Even the KKK has standards."

When contacted for comment, RedState told The Satira, "Yeah! I hump gays guy and they hump me!  I also hate gay guys and they are an abomination!  Thats why I screw them!  Stupid, sexy, abominations with there big hard muscles, GOD I HATE THEM.  Almost as much as I hate stinky women!  Resign?  Why would I resign, you think half our readers aren't in denial gay Nazis?  Ethics?  what am I a gross girl like Katie Hill? Have you read our site? I thought you were journalists,  Heres a scoop gay boys, since you missed what we are about, RedState says...fuck ethics, white power!"


Facebook has censored this post, to preserve the integrity of RedState, because we at The Satira would guess they want to preserve RedStates dignity and won't cross those lines of ethics, so you can only see Katie Hills leaked nudes on Facebook, because who cares about women when you can defend rich white criminals abusing women.


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