Millennials choose to kill the luxury nursing home industry

As the greatest generation starts passing away, millennials are turning their lack of money into a very clear message for baby boomers heading into retirement age.  They will not be letting them stay at home and they will not be spending much for the nursing home they ditch them in.  Buying shut down prisons to retrofit with the cheapest staff they can find, they plan on taking care of baby boomers at the same level baby boomers took care of them.

One Jason Cronnin, a leader of the boomer bunker movement told The Satira, "We can't afford rent, or food, I don't know why they think we would spend our non money on them, I hope they like cat food and getting forgotten for a few days at a time.  Who is a whiney bitch now papa?   They forgot they get old and then we get powers of attorney and things like that,  I took his retirement fund and started a grocery store that pays livable wages.  Barb wire can be fun too, I plan on treating the despair epidemic how they treated ours, ignoring it completely, at least we aren't flooding the with guns and ignoring mass shootings too,  I melted his guns down into participation trophies for the de-lousing."

One distraught new resident was quoted as saying, "How could they, this isn't christian!  You have to respect your elders no matter what!  Back in my day we took care of family!"  to a disaffected millennial signing him in who responded with, "Then you shouldn't have beat me with a bible, earned some respect, and took care of me the 30 years I was starving, now calm down, I didn't pay for your heart medication so you will die and I will have to pay the clean up fee."


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