Trump explains boos and chants as him being a ghost buster and the stadium being haunted

When President Trump was announced at the world series, the crowd seemed to yell BOO and chant "Lock him up!" in a massive show of disrespect for the POTUS.  After leaving the confines of his safe rallies and rooms of yes man it was a stark contrast to how he is usually publicly received.  Fox News was in complete shock as to how this could possibly ever occur and several anchors/writers had to be excused for a spa day in order to process the true tragedy that has befallen the self appointed most persecuted president in the history of the United States of America.

When The Satira requested comment, President Trump responded saying, "It's all a big misunderstanding, the people on the cameras booing were ghosts, they aren't alive.  I joined the Ghostbusters after I green lit Ghostbusters 3 with an executive order.  We were busting ghosts at the world series, ghosts say boo you know.  That is why the rest of the crowd was chanting lock him up, because Hitlers ghost was there too, and I did lock him up in a trap.  I defeated Hitler off screen and everyone was actually cheering for me, way harder than they have ever cheered for Obama.  Our sources confirmed that Hillary Clinton's emails and Hunter Biden released the ghost of Hitler to ruin the world series too."

When asked for comment, a local ghost protested, "Ghosts don't even say boo, that is a dirty stereotype from an ignorant bigot of a man, also advocating that ghosts shouldn't have rights and should be locked up on site is typical for this intolerant administration that violates people constantly.  I spend my time trying to teach kids how to read and write well, you ever see ghost writer on pbs?  Trump hasn't, have you read his illiterate ass tweets?"

Amidst the claims, Ghostbuster Bill Murray also wrote The Satira saying, "No part of that is true in any way, shape, or form, also, Trump has no dick."


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