After misdiagnosis of bird and plane, super bacteria kills tens of thousands

More powerful than an antibiotic, able to kill people in a single bound, its a bird, its a plane, no, its Super Bacteria.  At our lady of hopeless suffering hospital in Burmingham, Alabama, Dr. Devin Style encountered a man, Joseph Talon, with pain and a rash on his leg.  After a battery of diagnostics, Dr. Style originally concluded that he had a tiny bird in his leg.

After x-rays revealed that no such bird could be hiding in the leg, he amended his diagnosis to a stealth plane, that couldn't be detected by the x-rays.  When the conditioned worsened and no manual signs of detection revealed a plane, Dr. Style then asked if Joseph could possibly be making the whole thing up, before pushing him on anti depressants and giving a fistful of antibiotics.

When the antibiotics failed to work against the rapidly growing rash on the leg and with Mr. Talon's fever at a critical high, the cdc finally intervened and quarantined both Joseph and the doctor.  Joseph was screened for antibiotic resistant super bacteria and found to be infected while Dr. Style idly ate handfuls of antibiotics while staring out of the window, before mentioning that he had brought Mr. Talon through the testing ward and left him in the busy lobby to wait, he had contact with multiple residents, staff, and people passing through.

As the spread of the super bacteria spread and more cases piled up, the CDC had no choice but to initiate the zombie out break protocol and flame thrower hundreds of thousands of people to death in the infected zone, while the bacteria itself managed to kill thirty five thousand people.

When The Satira asked Dr. Style for a comment, he responded, "I have no idea how this could have happened, do you want some antibiotics?  They taste kind of chalky, but that is what I like about them."


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