After surviving self check out backlash, walmart introduces self butchering

After convincing customers that self check out was not taking jobs away from people and the company was not crushing the life out of the middle class one thing at time, Walmart introduced its new pilot program in select stores, self butchering, where instead of employing meat cutters they simply took the meat counter out and instead stocked it with live stock and power tools such as chain saws.

In the new system you would simply start the chainsaw, corner the animal you wanted pieces of, and then cut them off it and pay for the weight of the meat of the animal you wanted.  Sanitary napkins were originally offered as well as a shower, but neither were found to be as cost effective as ignoring the blood stains and that was the advised approach.

The growing concerns from self check out stealing jobs and forcing customers to work for the store grew, but was drowned out by anti-social psychopaths on the internet who were largely for it, and so were the demographic walmart exclusively focused on and cited for their testing studies.

When asked for comment, a press release was given showing their plans to extend to a self deli, and later to a self farming and self packaging model, before jumping directly into self manufacturing, and then launching a controversial "Selfless" series of tasks in which customers would be encouraged to actually do things for other customers that paid walmart a premium for the privilege.


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