Amidst AOC backlash, Tomi Lahren changes costume back to soulless Fox News mouth peice

Tomi Lahren faced the ire of twitter yesterday after disparaging bartenders and trying to be funny and completely failing, a staple of her personality and the right wing in general.  After being called out for trying to dress as a slutty AOC for Halloween and back pedaling on attacking people who actually work for a living, she relented and for the day of the dead she changed back into her old costume.

Angry democrats on twitter relented admitting that it was probably Fox News that told her to do it, and that for a dollar she would do or say just about anything Fox News said to.  Rumors abound that she had offered to switch sides for some extra pocket change, but ultimately other news networks decided that a can of coke had far more value to their operation.

When asked for comment, AOC told the Satira, "That girl needs to calm down, shes gonna mess around with all these costume changes and set her vagina gun off, and then what is she going to use to stay on the air?  She is a pronoun change away from unemployment."

The science community was deeply offended, claiming that Tomi had crossed a line by trying to dress in "Smart Face" and that she should issue an apology to anyone who thinks immediately.


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