Apple Black Friday Deals Reveals Accessory For Air Pod Pro, Attachable Tangled Cord Pro

Apple recently released its Black Friday deals and to the amazement of Apple fans everywhere they were surprised with a new Air Pod Pro accessory, the Attachable Tangled Cord Pro.  Apple marketing contacted us about our queries and said that the accessory was designed to replicate when IPods first came out and people would have to spend time to untangle their head phones before using the devices.

The questionable move was defended successfully to investors when marketing cited three key facts. The first fact being that nostalgia is a giant market currently being exploited by half the united states industry because the present is so horrible.  The second being that it is no more a giant piece of junk status symbol as the air pods and most apple products are themselves.  The third is that the people were dumb enough to buy not only one, but two sets of air pods already and sales were already in the black.

When asked about the design and direction of Apple recently, a leaked memo confirmed that there was a bet between the engineering department and marketing departments for one side to make the dumbest most tedious product imaginable, and for the other side to convince people to spend actual money on it and use it daily.  Currently despite the engineers best efforts, Apple leveraging the narcissism of rich kid psuedo artists has proven to be unbeatable in the face of even the most useless pieces of trash they can manage.


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