Chase suspended from Paw Patrol after cop cam shows him body slamming a puppy

Paw Patrol recently issued a statement to The Satira regarding the immediate suspension of Chase the resident police officer after reviewing the camera footage of him body slamming a puppy to the ground in front of its 5 year old owner.  The girl Maria Slowens called paw patrol because the puppy was acting manic and growling at her, at which time she became frightened.

Chase told Ryder and the rest of the Paw Patrol that he could handle the call alone and left them to respond to the call, after an exchange with Maria, Chase entered the house where the cam footage shows he repeatedly yelled at the puppy, Bootsy, to calm down.  When it became clear that Bootsy had the zoomies and would not be calming down, Chase engaged in a head lock.

Bootsy then tried to fight off being held and growled at officer Chase, which notably angered the officer before he suplexed Bootsy to the ground saying, "I said go lay down.  You are a bad boy."

Maria begins screaming in the footage as Chase proceeds to lift his leg on the unconscious puppy and snaps at Maria before leaving the Slowen house.  Bootsy is currently in critical condition and may never walk again.  With the video evidence and Chases own admission, Paw Patrol issued the suspension of 2 days, and gave him a slap on the paw, which is the harshest sentence an officer has had to face in the history of police brutality.


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