Fox News Straining For Content After Ignoring Constant Bad Trump Press

Fox News writers and anchors are threatening to go on strike after repeatedly having to wing stories during this prolonged impeachment inquiry.  The channel has a long standing history of just not commenting when blatant lies will not help cover up for conservatives, and in extremely damning circumstances they normal brazenly do a fluff piece instead of any actual news.

The problem is with this extended and constant reveal of President Trump wrong doings, they are running out of secondary ideas to intentionally not cover the foibles of The Donald.  Writers are resorting to stealing old plots to Arthur the Anteater and more obscure X-Files episodes for ideas, while news anchors have made and eaten so many pancakes that four of them have developed diabetes.

The staff was holding out for hope when executives made an attempt to hire out to Disney imagineers to provide more content and inject some variety into the diversionary tactics, but with Disney + destroying all competition and Disney in general stealing and monetizing peoples childhoods they were far too busy to bother with actual politics.

The current plan during the strike is to employ an old Teddy Ruxpin with a cassette tape that just blatantly lies about everything, because as a toy, he is immune to slander charges, and because Fox is only opinions dressed up as the news, his opinion can be whatever he wants.  Talks to purchase the likeness rights are underway and cassette tapes are currently being recording in between insulin shots.


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