Instagram launches new filter that is just professional models cosplaying you

Instagram rolled out a controversial new feature today in the form of a premium filter, the filter would allow for someone to view the selfie you are trying to post, and contact a professional instagram model to try and pass themselves as a much more attractive version of you for your instagram picture needs.

The insight came from recent data collecting done by all social media networks in length and with complete disregard for any sense of privacy, with google seizing medical documents, they shared the psych profiles of instagram addicts to instagram itself and it became apparent that filter usage was so heavy that the subjects did not care at all about reality.  This finding was coupled with another finding that instagram models will do literally anything for a tiny bit of money and attention. 

The combination of the two lead to the new Insta-Model filter and for only 20 dollars a month you can have a personal representative do all your selfie modeling for you and roughly match your day to fit in with your stories.

Investors originally protested the filter over concerns about it becoming exposed but the data showed that most attention seeking people on instagram were consumed by it to the point of not having in person relationships and meetings with almost anyone.  After seeing 78% of all users sign up for the filter they voted to keep it running and also to expand it to instamodelpets for people with ugly cats and dogs as well.


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