Mark Zuckerberg charged at congressional hearing, battery died

Mark Zuckerberg was recently charged at a congressional hearing, reports say that during an extended battery of questions from AOC Zuckerberg started having noticeable verbal errors while attempting to answer questions.  As Cortez pressed on an odd beeping noise began interrupting her questions as the Facebook ceo started to jitter whenever executing a movement.

The next ten minutes were AOC asking a question and Zuckerberg repeating it slowly before suddenly stiffening up and in a clear voice that was not his own saying "Powering down, good bye." before freezing completely solid.  Mark Zuckerbergs personal assistant was in the court room and sheepishly pulled out a charger and approached, and quietly inserted the plug into the charging port in his ear.

After a brief apology about how they were all watching the movie How stella got her groove back on Zuckerberg on the long ride over, and must have inadvertently run his battery down, he assured her it would only take about a half hour or so to charge him back up, Zuckerbergs eyes started flashing green slowly indicating he was charging properly, so a recess was granted.

After powering back on Zuckerberg started attempting to answer questions but had been reverted to the default setting of his new upgrade and was only communicating in Russian.  After tech support switched him back to incognito mode, he began promising he had nothing to do with politics or helping spread blatant political lies.


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