PayPal cuts ties after shocking realization PornHub is a hub for porn

PayPal recently stopped all support of sex workers being paid on PornHub when in a shocking twist it found out that PornHub is actually a collection of pornography and that the posters on the site were actually performing sexual acts.  Once informed PayPal blushed deeply, said that it only read the PornHub blog for the articles and immediately cut ties with the company.

When PornHub asked PayPal what they were supposed to do with the thousands of posters they just disenfranchised, PayPal responded, "Well they are sex workers, so I dunno, fuck em?"

The change in payments have effected a large portion of the contributors who now have to find alternate methods to receive money, and users that were providing their living on PornHub are now scrambling to find a way to get their pay with the stigma against sexual content being so wide spread. 

When asked what PayPal thought PornHub actually meant if not a hub for pornography the declined to comment, so it is clear that PayPal may still be friends with PornHub but they are decidedly friends without benefits.


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