Rage against the machine reforms as Rage ATM to refocus on charging fans

Rage against the machine delighted long time fans by announcing a new tour and the reformation of the band, however due to branding concerns, they have switched focus from social justice to monetizing social justice instead.  As a purely financial move the band has forgone pretext and dropped the against the machine part of the name and shortened it to ATM.

This move upsetting fans has lead to an altogether new demographic change and has lead to lyrics being changed to serve the new more elite customers they are playing to.  Classics are being written to include lines such as, "More power to the people...that can afford 900 dollar coachella tickets," and "Born of a broke man, but not a broke fan."

The band declined an interview with The Satira because we could not afford the appearance fee and the rider demands were exorbitant, although the one on the record statement from Zach de la Rocha, "Fuck you, pay me," seems to sum the mood up nicely.

Rage Atm suggests if the new ticket prices are too high, fans could always sell their food stamps and personal belongings to afford going to show, because the tickets were intentionally priced out of the common folk range to make it easier for the rich elitist fans to enjoy the music without having to co-mingle with "Dirty poor people that depress rich people by choosing to be poor."


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