Trump Links Jefferey Epstein As Assassinated General In War On Thanksgiving

After President Trump disclosed the secret war on Thanksgiving, much to the chagrin of secret liberal operatives everywhere, he continued to reveal that Jeffery Epstein was a general in command of the war FOR thanksgiving.  The allegations against him were falsified by the liberal media in conjunction with hyper intelligent blue state turkey agents.

The Turkey army apparently needed charges that would isolate and pin down the general in order to stage a suicide and master minded the paying of women to testify against General Epstein as well as naming as many pro thanksgiving, all American, freedom loving and completely innocent republicans as well.  The suicide cover up was also clear;y the radical anti Thanksgiving commie liberals in tandem with the mutant socialist freedom crushing turkey army.

President Trump then re-iterated, that the failed suicide cover up was in no way any powerful elite rich people and was mutant turkey operatives, the killing of Epstein was definitely radical liberal terrorists hell bent on destroying America through discrediting Thanksgiving.  Which in itself was part of a larger plot to fabricate impeachment evidence, all of which is false too.

The POTUS went on to pledge that despite being the most persecuted man in the history of America, with all the negative things about him being total lies, and him being gods chosen stable genius, he would swiftly eradicate the entire mutant turkey army and destroy any evidence of them ever existing, a feat that President Obama could never do, which was clearly talked about and proven in Hillary Clinton's emails.


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