WeWork Forced To Change Names After Repeatedly Proving name is False Advertising

WeWork made headlines again with more bad press as investors push for a company name change, feeling that WeWork is blatant false advertising.  Following the massive over estimation in value, the CEO quitting, pending massive lay offs, and a complete failure to do anything but lose money, they feel that the addition of Don't is a prudent step for the company name.

When reached for contact, three employees were fired mid conversation and had to hand off to the next most employed person, the only quote that was achieved was, "It is basically the hunger games in here with less charisma."

After the cash infusions from being bought out vanished faster than coke at a fraternity party, the writing on the wall is changing to a going out of business sale and the rebranding is markedly spite motivated.

We couldn't reach the original CEO for comment as whenever we approached him he asked to see our wallet and then jumped off a clip and escaped using a golden parachute, which seems to be his
modus operandi.  The company did manage to provide a work space finally though, when they were forced to sell the head quaters to a Starbucks.


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