Climate Change Deniers Supporting Kim Jong-Un's Nuclear Threats To Save Face

Kim Jung-Un recently referencing a "Christmas Gift" for Trump if a better deal isn't offered for North Korea has been met with a surprising amount of support from the climate change denying crowd.  Although widely believed to accept and want the apocalypse, it seems that the opportunity to have it come via nuclear warfare instead of the front runner climate change is growing favor rapidly.

Opposition to climate change deniers, 98% of everyone, clearly see it as a tactic to not have to admit they are wrong, because if nuclear bombs destroy the world, technically, they would be right about climate change not being the cause of the end of the world.  A phone campaign of randomly calling North Korean numbers and yelling both insults and threats has already begun.  Taunting signs have begun to show up at climate change denial rallies as well.

While the overwhelmingly conservative group did praise that it was not a "Happy Holidays Gift" and a good christian "Christmas Gift" they have dedicated themselves to attacking and provoking Kim Jung-Un at every opportunity, including women claiming he is bad in bed with a small penis, men saying he can't hunt OR chew tobacco, and non binary people being uninvolved with the entire conservative anti science climate change denial due to mutual distrust on both sides.

Sources inside the camp admit that it seems like the leaders of the movement backed themselves into a corner in the face of the massive climate change evidence and see Kim Jung-Un as the only man crazy enough to end the world over things this trivial, and true to their policy of ignorance and disregard for life as we know it, they fully intend on ending the world instead of admitting they were wrong.


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