Jeff Bezos Generously Donates Another 100 Million Dollars In Amazon Stock to Jeff Bezos Foundation

Jeff Bezos made a recent 100 million dollar donation to charity, which was immediately flagged by more savvy people on the internet as a stock only donation with very specific rules on how the stock could be used to a charity that he also owned.  While entirely too busy building space ships to leave all the dirty poor people behind after stealing a bunch of resources off earth and running with them, Bezos noticed that for the most part people bought the ruse and the transparent tax dodge worked.

Not wasting any time, Jeff Bezos picked another problem, Jeff Bezos, and decided they needed to work the problem so hard it died of exhaustion like an amazon factory employee.  Arguing that Jeff Bezos was a plague to the work force, a tax dodging vertical integration nightmare that routinely killed small business, and generally helping the end of the world along, he was able to start the Jeff Bezos Foundation, a foundation dedicated to shooting Jeff Bezos into space.

He then engineered giving 100 million dollars to the Jeff Bezos Foundation and promptly declared the deduction on his taxes to ensure that he never pays taxes on the profits he rings out of workers will to live and the spirit of businesses that where crushed by unethical pricing practices. 

The money was immediately integrated into the space budget because Bezos doesn't believe the planet is going to be around much longer with all the global warming the 2% is causing, except of course for the 50 million dollar salary for the CEO, Jeff Bezos, because he is committed to executives having a livable wage.


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